Illustratrice : Geneviève Gauckler

Born in Lyon, France. Lives and works in Paris. Graduated from ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in 1991 in Paris. Genevieve Gauckler is a French artist, illustrator and art director who is best known for her ever-evolving procession of lovable characters and technicolour digital mashes. Her works are bright, fun and hectic – often combining symmetrical designs with soft-edged computer generated images laid against photographed backgrounds. She’s into everything and constantly amazed, handling and creating images and shapes with dexterity and innocence.

When asked about her formative influences, she sites an early childhood fascination with the colourful packaging on her favourite breakfast cereals and the title sequence of her favorite TV series, “Flipper”. She spends any she time has available traveling around the world, giving lectures, exhibiting work and obsessively taking photos for her ever expanding collages. Her favorite places are Japan and India but she also loves spending time in the French countryside accompanied by her faithful dog, Kawa, and of course her laptop.

Geneviève Gauckler can look back on broad experience in the field of graphic design, illustration and art direction. Starting with french record label F Communications (Laurent Garnier, St Germain) she later worked with directors Kuntzel & Deygas on promos for Dimitri from Paris, Pierre Henry and Sparks, as well as commercials (e.g. Yves Saint Laurent’s Live Jazz), tittles for French/German cultural TV-channel Arte and some short movies. She has also art-directed the franco-nippon fanzine « Minimix ». In 1999, she was hired by the Internet company to create their online fashion magazine. While in London, she worked for the design agency Me Company, developing a number of projects for the web.

Since 2001, Geneviève has been focusing on videos (Brigitte Fontaine, some experimental videos with the collective Pleix), art (Mandala Project), illustrations for various magazines (Flaunt, Beaux-Arts Magazine, Le Figaro Japan, IDN, Form, Vogue UK), advertising (Renault, Bourjois, Coca-Cola, Skype, PlayStation, Lane Crawford, Orange, o2 Germany, Adobe) and books, objects, toys & Tshirts (Domestic, Medicom Toys, 2K, BeamsT, Publik) corporate identity (Hip), character design, exhibitions, comic book (L’Arbre Génialogique), animated tittle sequences (German-French Arte Channel). 

Three books have been published about her work, in Japan by Gas Book and in France by Pyramyd.

Apart from working on a regular basis on some advertising jobs (Adobe, Orange, o2 Germany), her next projects is to create a experimental video with Pleix and starting working on her next comic book.