Piknic Electronik 2016 Print Campaign

Living in Montreal, Canada, I started seeing this print campaign popping all around town and I can't deny that the colours are just attractive and vibrant. I got curious about who was the people behind this work and after a little search; I discovered it was a collaboration work between Gabriel Lefebre,Rachel Lecompte and more. We've featured their work before on the blog, it was just pleasant to revisit their latest project. Hope you will enjoy!

Client: Piknic Electronik
Concept, Copywriting and Art Direction: Rachel Lecompte and Gabriel Lefebvre (ethos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Retouching: Lucas Bayzelon (Visual Box)
Production: Steve Desmarais
Painter: Marianne Stratis

Texte & source : abduzeedo

Douglas B