New Identity for London Symphony Orchestra by The Partners

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Established in 1904, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is the oldest symphony orchestra in London and has been the resident orchestra at the Barbican Centre in the City of London since it opened in 1982. The LSO is a self-governing collective, made up of nearly a hundred players, and performs over 120 concerts a year. For its 2017/18 season, which kicks off in September, the LSO will debut their new music director, Sir Simon Rattle, and to coincide with the announcement of the season’s plans, the orchestra has introduced a new identity designed by London-based The Partners, who designed the LSO logo in 2004 (and which remains as is for this identity).

Projects that don’t have a logo change have a little less chance to make it on Brand New because we all love logos so much so when it’s only an identity change it has to be something pretty drastic, interesting, and/or a clear change in presentation. I don’t know what the 2016/17 season materials looked like but I am pretty sure they did not look anything like you are about to see below nor that it employed motion capture. Sir Simon Rattle may be no Andy Serkis but he wields a mean baton that serves as the motion data captured by the University of Portsmouth and Vicon Motion Systems to hand off to Tobias Gremmler — his Kung Fu Motion Visualization video is a must watch — to translate into the basis of the identity.

Douglas B