David Crunelle is a multidisciplinary artist from Brussels, Belgium, mainly developing his work in visual art, photography and graphic design. 
He has been teaching visual communication and photography in higher education for nearly 10 years. He works as art director in a communication agency and he is also a stock photographer for Getty. 
Winner of several graphic design competitions between 2009 and 2013, he is the author of many artworks for which he was recently nominated by the Music Industry Awards. 
Jury’s favorite of the Parcours d’Artistes in Saint-Gilles in 2014 with his project "Stapletown", he was then noticed for his exhibition "Psychedelic Constructivism" the same year. 
The House of Cultures opened its doors for his "Kaiju Superstar" series in May 2015 . 

He is currently working on its new series of psychedelic collage, « Folk » which will be presented in September 2016. 

David was born , lives and works in Brussels.

Douglas B